There are two playground in the school, one for the primary and Nursery wing and the other for the senior wing. The Primary playground is equipped with a number of swings also. A nature class will also be set up here. The senior wing has a multipurpose playground.

                                Multipurpose Sports Field

  • The school has a Multipurpose Sports Field
  • These are the areas with mini football fields, tennis courts and basketball courts.
  • Generally, multipurpose field dimensions are designed as 18 meters width and 36 meters length.
  • They are manufactured with EPDM, acrylic, parquet or artificial turf content.
  • Multi-purpose fields are made as aoutdoor or indoor.
  • Indoor multi-purpose sports fields are resistant to all climatic conditions and can be used 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Manufacturing can also be made with special dimensions that differ according to the area to be applied.
  • The project required for multi-purpose field construction is prepared completely on the basis of ground survey and strength.
  • Direct pile operations are made in order to integrate the wire mesh or network system around it.